“My Prison Without Bars” by Taylor Fulks


Recently, I received an email from the Alliance of Independent Authors regarding a blog post entitled, “Why I Wrote About a Taboo subject.”  Needless to say, the title caught my eye.  To my surprise, it was about an award-winning book written by Taylor Fulks, putting her childhood sexual abuse into a fictional story.

I emailed Taylor about the post and introduced myself.  After a few emails back and forth, it was obvious that we were very much alike in many ways.  Quickly, we formed a friendship.  I took the time to read her book, and she was kind enough to listen to mine on audio.

Taylor’s story is much different than my own. She endured childhood sexual abuse from her stepfather. The accounts of what she suffered are shocking and graphic.  What childhood sexual abuse isn’t shocking?

Her story is well-written.  Taylor has a way with words, as she takes her readers on a journey from childhood to adulthood.  What we both found quite shocking were the close similarities we shared. Even some of the lines in our books were nearly identical and definitely the way our brains are wired from our experiences.

I highly recommend Taylor’s story, “My Prison Without Bars.”  Even though we know that the subject matter of our stories may offend, we also feel the deep necessity of pulling back the curtain and helping others understand how abuse affects women in their adult lives.

Below is a link to Amazon and the amazing five-star reviews she has received for her book.  It is well worth the read, but be forewarned that it may trigger strong emotions.



Audio Version For Sale

perf5.000x8.000.inddConflicting Hearts is now available on audio at Amazon.com and also Audible.com.   It should be up on iTunes, too, but I don’t have an account to check.

Yesterday I listened to a free downloadable version of the book.  Once again, I am so thankful to have found a wonderful narrator, Andi Arndt, to tackle such a delicate subject matter.  She has done a wonderful job of portraying Rachel’s emotions.

I truly hope that you will listen to the book.  If you have been sexually abused as a child, I want you to know that I understand from my own experience.  The effects can be damaging throughout life, but I must believe there is healing.  For women who have no idea what it means to have your innocence stolen, my hope is that you’ll be awaken to how devastating the trauma can be that carries into adulthood.  Compassion, understanding, and prevention is so important.   They say that one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.  The statistics are staggering.  When I should have been playing with dolls, I had been lured into playing a dangerous game with my future mental health and lifelong happiness.

In recent weeks I’ve stumbled across a few good pages on Facebook that speak of prevention.  We need to tell our children how to set boundaries, protect themselves, and help them understand it is not okay for someone to touch them inappropriately.  Help them to learn to say no, before the ability to say no throughout their lifetime is snatched away.

Starting March 1, I will be running a giveaway for audio versions of Conflicting Hearts.  Stay tuned for more details in the week ahead on how to enter.

In the meantime, you can obtain a free copy through Audible by just opening an account.  Your first book is free.  Here are the details.  CLICK HERE

All my best,


Redesigned Website

One thing about me, which I often wonder is some kind of lingering quirk in my personality, is that I’m never satisfied about how my websites appear.

Because of the Book Blast currently in place for the next two weeks, I thought that I would spiffy it up a bit.

WIX.COM is a great place (where it was formerly located), but frankly their HTML looks horrible on Internet Explorer.  I’ve jumped over to WEEBLY, and shifted everything there.

Check it out HERE and feel free to share.

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P.S.  My audio book is selling!  Woo-hoo!

The Audio Book is Released

I am happy to report the audio book is now available on Audible.com.  It will soon be loaded to Amazon and iTunes.  I hope you enjoy!


Conflicting Hearts on Audio is Headed to Retail

It won’t be long now!  Conflicting Hearts is being distributed to retail on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.  Want to hear a sample?  You can listen by clicking the link below.  It’s posted on SoundCloud.

When the book is up for sale, I’ll include the links.

Listen to Audio Here


Want to Win a Copy of the Audio Book?

Mark your calendars for my upcoming promotional blog tour for Conflicting Hearts.  Follow the tour, comment, and enter to win a $45 gift membership to Audible.com!  Stay tuned for more information.



My Birthday Present

An old friend sent me these flowers for my birthday.  I thought you would enjoy the message.

Flowers from Jim


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